SEM (Search Engine Marketing) & Google Ads

Google Ads is the fastest way of getting business over the internet. In short, Google Ads is Google's branded pay per click program. Put simply, it allows you to create ads and bid a price you are willing to pay for clicks from specific keywords being searched related to your products and services by consumers online. You only pay when your ad is clicked which is why Google Ads is called a "pay per click" program. These programs are incredibly trackable because they encourage the use of landing pages and tracking numbers. Our reporting is transparent, allowing us to calculate stats like cost per click, cost per call and even cost per acquisition.

Participating in this form of advertising is important because 86% of all searches online are non-branded queries. This means your consumers are looking for your product or services, not you or your competitors businesses name. These consumer's business is up for grabs.

Sounds easy enough right? Wrong. You would think that the more money you bid on a keyword, the higher your ad shows on a search for the keyword you want to be found for, The frustrating truth about Google Ads is that something called a quality score.  The quality score dictates the placement of your ad, not the amount of money you bid on the specific keyword. The quality score is comprised of:

  • Landing Page Quality

  • Account History

  • Historical Click Through Ratio

  • Relevance of Keyword to Ads

  • Relevance of Keyword & Ad to Search Query

  • Unknown Factors

All of these factors need to be maintained and taken into consideration in every decision regarding the Google Ads campaign. When managed properly, your quality score goes up, costing you less money per click; essentially bringing you more business for less money. Controlling the quality score is paramount to the success the campaign but there is a lot of other ongoing work that goes into pay per click programs making them time consuming and cumbersome. They take time away from running your business. This is why it's important your pay per click program is professionally managed. 

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